Online Video Strip Poker Quasi Gambling

The difference in between live poker and online is great, and the same thing is very much true about online video strip poker and the way it goes. Of course, there is no longer a problem for anyone to play online strip poker exactly the same way they play any other poker online, but the video ingredient is a must be here though; and this is not the only extra hardship they may have in this kind of poker. Usually, people come to play strip poker for a number of reasons, but having fun is the most frequent one. At the same time, this fun may come at a price.

There is another viewpoint, saying that video strip poker is a good training ground before going to big poker. First, it is so because the code of conduct is less strict in strip poker – they cannot be as rigid as in a casino or somewhere else, in a poker club, for example. Second, strip poker implies some kind of off-topic communication, which is also an obvious thing and for many people it happens to be a decisive factor for choosing this variant of poker. Finally, if one loses in such poker, he or she may obtain more favor than in case of win; but this does not mean that only losers come to play strip poker. In fact, it is a personal business of any player, who sits to play strip poker, how he or she treats this kind of funny gambling.